Bioethanol is a biofuel produced from renewable sources of energy which contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping to protect the environment. The legislative framework for production and usage of biofuels is comprised of EU directives , known by their acronyms RED (Renewable energy directive) and FQD (Fuel quality directive).

The production is also bound by strict sustainability criteria, namely it is compliant with the German biofuel sustainability scheme ISCC DE as well as with the european scheme ISCC EU.

On the national (Slovak) legislation level the EU directives were implemented into Act no. 309/2009 regarding the promotion of renewable sources of energy and highly effective combined production.

The default value of greenhouse gas emmisions for bioethanol is set by the EU directive at 43gCO2eq/MJ. Thanks to the optimization of the production process, our bioethanol currently reaches the emmisions value of only 25gCO2eq/MJ, representing a greenhouse gas emmisions savings of over 70%, compared with fossile fuel.

The ISO 14001 (environmental management system) was implemented in 2021. 

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