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DDGS are dried corn residues. They are created as byproduct of the production of bioethanol. They are produced by drying and pelleting of solid residues of fermented corn grains.

It is used as feed ingredient for the preparation of feed mixtures and is a highly valuable source of balanced proportion of nutrients, used for increasing the milk production of cattle and for feeding of pigs and poultry. The quality of DDGS is monitored: at entry by analysis of input raw material (corn) and at output for the complete product. This product has a typical honey-yellow color and a pleasant sweet aroma. The notable advantage of our product is its pellet form, which enables perfect storage, expedition and feeding of animals. DDGS is made in compliance with the requirements of GMP+B2 and HACCP, registered as feed material and is GMO free.

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Quality specification DDGS pelletised Enviral